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We believe in nature.

Organic and sustainability practices sit at the heart of Caprilla’s principles.

Our Story

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The undulating hills of Tuscany are home to some of the world’s greatest wines. Historically, winemaking in Tuscany dates back to about the 8th century BC when Etruscans successfully cultivated wine grapes and stored wine in jugs called ‘amphora’. Many centuries later, in 1716, Chianti was in fact the first geographic wine appellation recognised in the world.  

Our own story though began about ten years ago when our founder Priya zeroed in on Tuscany to further her winemaking passion. The vineyards lie near the village of Trequanda, about half an hour from Siena – and bordering the three main wine regions of Tuscany – Chianti, Montepulciano, and Montalcino. 

With the rich experience and winemaking expertise of Fabio and Lucia, we started our wine journey with a Rosé wine from Sangiovese grapes which was sold entirely to the local Tuscan market. When this became a huge hit, we decided to expand our portfolio to white and red wine blends, and Caprilla was born. 

The name ‘Caprilla’ comes from the Italian word ‘capriolo’ named after the herd of deer that live in our estate: their distinctive antlers are the inspiration behind our logo.


Our Ethos

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Organic and sustainability practices sit at the heart of Caprilla’s principles.

Our grapes are 100% organic certified and we follow traditional winemaking practices with minimal intervention to produce the most authentic expression of the wine of the region.

Wine is a complex drink – a good glass of wine from an old vine will exhibit myriad layers of aromas and taste characteristics that come from years of assimilation from the terroir and is unique to the landscape. 

This is why, we believe that wine is not just a drink, it’s an experience and with our wines, we hope to transport you to the hills of Tuscany. 


Our Terroir

Rolling hills of Tuscany near Siena.

Our vineyards are located amidst the rolling hills in Central Tuscany, about half an hour away from Siena, near a beautiful medieval village called Trequanda.

Our wines are produced with a minimum impact on the environment, using only natural products to fight against vineyard pests and green manure to enrich the soil. Grass grows perennially all over the vineyards and helps maintain the bio-diversity including insects that further assist in fighting pests.

Sangiovese, Merlot, Chardonnay, and other regional grapes are cultivated in our thirty-year-old vineyards. The soil is rocky, mainly tufa stone, sandy tending to clay, and the vineyards are positioned at an altitude of 450m above sea level, perfect for preserving wine freshness and fruitiness.

The grapes are harvested by hand at the end of September. The winemaking process follows traditional methods, like spontaneous fermentations made by wild yeasts. Ageing takes place in stainless steel tanks for our white wine and rosé, or in tonneaux (French oak barrels) for our red wine. The level of sulfites is maintained very low. The character and taste of our wines are deeply classical and respectful of the great tradition of Tuscan winemaking.


Our Team


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